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Mary Patricia McCoy

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Mary Patricia McCoy
Mary Patricia McCoy
Mary Patricia McCoy

During the time she spent living at Gray's Point mum supported Anton's artistic endeavours and I have happy memories of going to many exhibition openings of his work with them. Mum had four growing children to nurture at this time ranging in age in 1961 from 2 to 11 years and she made many personal sacrifices of her own interests for the sake of her husband and children. She was also very close to her mother, Mavis, who had lost Jim in 1957. Mavis also moved to Gray's Point and stayed close to mum and the children until her death in 1982.

In 1967 the family moved to North Turramurra and Mary lived there until 1987 when she moved to Bowral. It was during this time as her children left home and took up their own lives that she was able to begin her journey of self discovery and committment to the things she felt to important in earnest. This was despite a period of serious illness diagnosed to be caused by Addison's Disease which meant that she had to take Cortizone for the rest of her life. Mum had earlier developed an interest in yoga and Indian mysticism and she became a qualified yoga teacher, something she practised right up until her mid 80's. She was a seeker after truth which she found to be contained in the life and teachings of Jesus but she had a breadth of knowledge and an openness to other cultures as well. She took on an active committment to the work of Amnesty International and was dedicated to righting the injustices inflicted upon people around the world. Mum was also very generous and began a monthly donation to World Vision which continued up until she became seriously ill.

Anton and Mary decided to part ways while they lived at Turramurra and their separation was amicable. They remained friends until his death in 2012 and Mary made sure he was always included in family events. After this she moved to Bowral (as did Anton) and it was there that she began her active involvement in the Catholic Church and the Divine mercy movement. She continued this after she moved back to Sydney in 1997 and served as a Eucharistic Minister and Reader at St Patrick's Parramatta and the church at Merrylands. From the time she moved to Leisure Lea she was a commited and active member of the Divine Word Missionaries Sunday worshipping community. Mum also practised her devotion to Mary the mother of Jesus at home without fail and was constantly reading, studying and debating about the things she was committed to. She was an active member of the Leisure Lea community right up until the beginning of her illness in 2016.
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A Version of Psalm 23, sung by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Listen to this song by clicking here- it was played at Mary's funeral...
My Shepherd will supply my need, Jehovah is His name,
In pastures fresh He makes me feed beside the living stream;
He brings my wandering spirit back when I forsake His way,
And leads me for His mercy's sake in paths of truth and grace.

When I walk through the shades of death His presence is my stay,
One word of His supporting grace drives all my fears away;
His hand in sight of all my foes doth still my table spread,
My cup with blessings overflows, His oil anoints my head.

The sure provisions of my God attend me all my days;
Oh, may Thy house be my abode and all my work be praise;
There would I find a settled rest, while others go and come;
No more a stranger nor a guest, but like a child at home.

This metrical psalm was written by Isaac Watts.